Favorite Crochet books

I just purchased 200 crocheted squares and Couture Crochet Workshop books. Any other books worth checking out?:slight_smile:
Thank you

Love :heart: love :heart: [U]The Crochet Bible[/U], [U]Encyclopedia of Crochet [/U]and one that is cross discipline for lack of a better word, [U]The Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting & Crochet Stitches[/U]. As far as pattern books gosh anything goes… [U]Cool Crochet[/U] is quite cool as well as the notebook full of loose patterns I’ve collected from everywhere :lol:

I don’t have a “best of” list yet… but I really like the book Knitting Loves Crochet ~ that blends both techniques into projects…
i also really enjoy my Crochet! magazines…
and for my Bday I got a subscription to Interweave Crochet…~!:cheering:
I am looking forward to my 1st issue around aug/sept~!

I love the Barnden Bible and I just got a combo book which has excellent pictures: Maran’s Illustrated :knitting and Crocheting". I also have a few Mon Tricot books which are old but excellent!!!:cheering:

I like the Harmony Guides crochet stitch books. They tell you how to do each stitch written out row by row and also in chart form, and it’s really helped me learn to read crochet charts. They are these:


I really like the book ‘Happy Hookers’. Simply written with good pictures. Nice patterns too.

I knit more than I crochet but I just bought this book and it has some lovely crochet AND knitting in it…take a look…


Both knitters and crocheters will love it.:muah:

I, too, am a huge fan of SnB Happy Hooker. I taught myself to knit using that book. The directions and illustrations are great. Not to mention, there are some super cute patterns!!

I thought you said you purchased 200 crochet books! lol That would be a lot of books. :slight_smile:

Happy Hooker is my favorite.

:shock: Are there 200 books about crochet.
All of the books that everyone suggested look so fun. I did buy one more and now I have to go trough self imposed yarn and book diet.
I went a bit crazy with yarn and book buying.:shock:

I don’t crochet much and books don’t really seem to help me learn (I’m a visual learner!), but there is a book called Crocheting School that has been really helpful. I think there is a Knitting School, too, but I havn’t seen one. :shrug:

I just picked up this book from the library today and it is so awesome! I’m definitely going to put it on my “have to have” list.

Any books by Candi Jensen.