Favorite charity knitting

Post your favorite charity knitting project!

The Red Scarf Project:

The Red Scarf Project has people knit a scarf for a child who has aged out of the foster care system and is now in college. Their 2008 guidelines haven’t been announced yet.

Definitely the Mother Bear Project. The Red Scarf Project is cool too. I did an Irish Hiking scarf for that one.

I share the wealth :teehee:, but here’s a few I’ve been most active in. I have a bunch of stuff for Children in Common, but it hasn’t been mailed yet. I mailed 5 sweaters to Knit for Kids last year.

Knit for Kids
Children in Common
Afghans for Afghans

Emily and I were thinking of doing the Red Scarf project!

I’ve finished a bunch of stuff for the Dulaan Project. The last batch is drying now. And then I’ve got to sort, bag & tag so it can get mailed.

Misha RF~ Bag and Tag~???

Sounds like to me there are hunters in your neck of the woods???:rofl::rofl::waving:

I went to the children in common link and I didn’t see much about knitted items… they said they needed clothing but I don’t see any specs for knitted items and no pattern links…

just wondered… I did see the pics of the knitted socks…:think:

I didn’t even think of that!!! :rofling:

And no, not in this house. But I do have many relatives who do!

You are correct. Their website isn’t so great for that kind of donation. I got most of my info from the book Knitting for Peace. See if you can get the book or see it through your library if possible, too. It has patterns and info for lots of charities.

ETA: I just looked at the book and the only pattern for that specific charity is the socks although they say they will take other items like vests and sweaters. There are so many charities so find one you love and do what you can.

I just ordered the “Knitting for Peace” book from Amazon.:cheering: Can’t wait to get it. I’ve been busy knitting for my gd but I know that eventually I’ll run out of “babies” to knit for. So doing charity knitting will be a blessing for all concerned…even me.:hug:

I got the book today and was that fast!!! Its a wonderful book. Full of how the charities got started and some heart warming stores and nice patterns that are suggested to use. I can’t wait to get busy.

Quiltlady, you’ll love Knitting for Peace! Ever since I got it, all I want to do is knit for charity.

I also tend to share the yarn love. A few groups I haven’t heard mentioned that I donate to are: Care Wear, Warm Woolies, Christmas-At-Sea (Seamen’s Church Institute), and Knit Your Bit (through the National World War II Museum).

I sent in the charity baby afghan part that I was in so I’m ready for another charity project. I’m going to get my Knit for Peace book out and see which one I’ll start.

I was thinking of the Red Scarf project but it really sounds like they have too many coming in. What do you think?? Anyone else involved in that one??:think:


This is the charity i knit for.

I have knitted for Project Linus in the past. It is one of my favorite knitting charities.


Two more:

The Rectangle Project: http://www.rectangle6x9.org/

And one that’s a Yahoo group: Camp Square Crew. We’re knitting squares to be made into afghans for the Victory Junction Gang Camp. (http://www.victoryjunction.org/aa_home/index.html for more about the camp) I actually had a LYS owner give me a 10% discount on the yarn I bought today b/c I was using it for this!

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CIC-knit is the group that knits for CIC. At the moment we are doing a 2 month special project and making mittens for a mitten blitz at a reservation in ND. We had done a socks and sweaters for big kids challenge and overwhelmed the folks who pack it all up so giving them a bit of time to finish. <G>
Pretty sure the next challenge will be little kids socks and sweaters/vests.

I just purchased the “Knitting For Pece” book today. It is great. Enjoy!