Favorite Bind Off for sweater neck, etc

Hi All,
I’m ready to bind off my sweater that has a cabled rib neck (131 stitches). Just curious as to what you would find to be the neatest, best & prettiest bind off. A regular basic bind off just won’t cut it. I was looking at the tubular Bo but not sure. Thanks!

I like the lace bind off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl9B5imC1uU

Grumpy gramma, the lace BO is really pretty! I’ve never done it before. I checked out the video & it looks simple enough. I think it would be a beautiful finishing touch to the neck. My idea about the tubular BO isn’t good. Too “heavy” & not decorative enough. Your idea may be exactly what this sweater needs. I’ll post a pic when BO is done. Many thanks!:x:

It’s easy. It’s stretchy. It doesn’t flare. Win-win-win IMO. I’m not sure that video really shows using this BO in pattern, here’s another link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Dr_ZrmZvnk

Yes, better video. It looks simple enough! I LOVE the edge. I think it will be perfect!

The picot bind off is nice and stretchy as well as being decorative.

To do it, bind off 3, cast on 2 using knitted cast on, bind off 5 to end.

You can change the numbers as long as you keep them consistent.