Favorite Baby Yarn?

What is your favorite yarn to make baby items. Looking for something super soft!

Baby/sport weight you mean or yarn that we’ve used for babies?

Bernat Softee Baby

Worsted weight, but nice for babies
Caron Simply Soft

I like Hobby Lobby’s Baby Bee yarns and I Love this yarn sport. Have made a baby sweater with Lion Cottonease. Caron’s SS would be another good yarn and RH sport isn’t too bad.

I agree, Caron Simply Soft is a great yarn. Also, Plymouth Encore Colorspun Worsted. These two yarns are not baby weight, or even dk weight.

I also like Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool. It is so soft, and knits up with such class. However, it is not machine washable. But I’ve found that more and more young mothers are willing to handwash a fine knit. They understand about the quality of certain fibers, etc…and appreciate them! Silky Wool has 192 yds per hank…and so a baby item wouldn’t cost much!

Here is a pullover I made last year for a new baby at our church (a boy) using Silky Tweed:

And this one was knit with Silky Wool (same baby boy):

This one was for a different baby boy…and this is TLC Lustre, which I like just as much as Simply Soft:

Anyhoo, that’s my 2 cents worth! :wink:

I knit and crochet baby blankets for charity and like Bernat’s Baby Sport yarn. It’s the best deal as far as price and yardage and it’s very soft. The only drawback I’ve found is having to deal with knots in such a large skein. After I’ve taken the knots out a couple of times I wind the yarn into a center-pull ball. I can’t get all the colors locally but Mary Maxim has a nice selection in the super size (around 1200 yards).


If I am making a blanket I typically use Caron Simply soft but if I am making hats or luvies where I can get 2-3 from a skein of yarn then I like Berocco Comfort.

My mom likes the Encore yarns…