Favorite Baby Blanket Yarn

I’ve never had need to knit any baby items, however the time has come. I’d like to make a blanket. What is your favorite baby blanket yarn? It can be solid or patterned, DK or thick and I’m not concerned with cost on this one…

Thanks in advance!

I think the best way to choose a yarn would be to go to a store and feel the yarns. I love bernat baby yarns as well as red heart baby yarns. I never use any yarn that can’t be washed and dried for babies cause new moms have enough to worry about.[/b]

My boys (4,3,10mo) love when I make there hoddies, blankies, and stufties out of tlc yarns. They are very cuddle worthy and you get alot for your dollor.




I haven’t made a baby blanket, but I’ve used both of these yarns and liked them.

I love Bernat Softee Baby and they also have Bernat Softee Chunky if you’d like to knit it up faster or have brighter colors. :wink:

Softee Baby
Softee Chunky

I also love Caron Simply Soft and it comes in a lots of varieties.
Simply Soft Baby

Thanks so much for the suggestions! Oddly enough my LYS doesn’t have a big selection of baby yarns. They have so much of everything else I’m surprised :??

I’m going to do this baby blanket http://www.knittingonthenet.com/patterns/babyafheart.htm

That’s a pretty blanket! The yarns I suggested you can get at Michaels, Joanns, etc.

I just wanted to say good luck! I started on my blanket the week after we found out. I am still working on it and he is due in a few weeks! It isn’t hard, just boring (I think!)
Is this for your new addition or a friends? xxx

I’ts for my best friend. It will be good practice for a future grandchild :slight_smile:
Wow, you are close to your delivery! Better get those fingers moving :hug: :cheering:


Thank you for posting the baby blanket pattern. I’m part of a group that knits/crochets baby blankets for our church and I’m always looking for new patterns. Each baby who is baptized gets a blanket.


:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I will second the Caron Simply Soft. I really enjoy using it when I make ANY baby items.

I am getting ready to start a baby blanket using this yarn for our new addition.

I am also working on one using Homespun. Its really soft and snuggly. But I am not sure how it will work with your pattern on your blanket pattern since its sorta fuzzy.