Fastest knitting method?

What is the fastest knitting method for making cardigans and or sweaters?

That’s a bit of a tough question but from what I’ve read, Continental knitting can be the fastest but then again, if you’re doing difficult patterns or stitches, I doubt it varies much between English and Continental. And besides that, what is considered fast? Doing a sweater in 3 days or 2 months? I have no idea! I don’t tend to measure myself against anyone else but myself…if I am making progress on my own, I’m happy with it…there will ALWAYS be faster knitters out there than me and besides, is being fast the most important part of knitting? Not really! I enjoy the creative process more.

I agree, knit in the way that you enjoy most, and suits you best. I like the efficiency of Continental knitting, but if I were really into speed I’d use a knitting machine! LOL! Really, it all boils down to what you enjoy, as Roxanne says.

As far as patterns that knit up quickly, go for a bulky yarn sweater, or a kid’s sweater in worsted weight yarn. There are a bunch of bulky yarn sweater patterns in the “Chunky Knits” book linked to near the bottom of the main patterns page, and they’re about as nice as you can find, as far as bulky sweater patterns. Also, if you’re a faster knitter than purler, you may prefer to knit in the round. You can adapt any pattern to have at least the bottom, up to the underarms, knit in the round. Raglan and Yolk sweaters are often knit entirely in the round; at least that’s how Elizabeth Zimmerman did it, and it’s not hard to do if you can find good instructions.


Hey, that’s cheating :stuck_out_tongue: But, since you brought it up, can you please tell me what kind of machine you like? I think that may be the way I am going to have to go if I want to knit. I STILL don’t “get it” yet!


I’ve never knit with a machine, or even seen one in action! That reminds me, I was going to ask the folks in my local knitter’s group if anyone has a machine and can show me, because I thought it would make a good instructional video (for the non-purists out there)! LOL :slight_smile: I forgot to ask them, so I’ll have to wait until next month!


my impression of knitting machines is that you have to man them fairly ardently… so you still have to really ‘get it’. oh well…