Fastest Knitter in the World!

Here is a link that Karina shared with us over in the January KH-KAL! Thanks Karina! I’m adding it here for all to see!


Miriam Tegels is amazing. When she knits, she doesn’t tense up or anything. I would love to learn from her.

I timed my knitting speed: garter stitch with US11 needles using Manos Del Uruguay thick ‘n’ thin yarn: 30 stitches per minute. :pout:

Well. The best I could do is 35 stitches per minute, using dk weight yarn with US 5 needles. I didn’t bother to cast on 60 stitches! Ha! I cast on 36. Almost made it to the end.

It takes good lighting, and perfect concentration. You have to “see” yourself knitting the next stitch in line before doing it.

I knit “american”…not “continental”…but she could ace me doing American style blind-folded! :pout:

I tried to test myself on my blanket but found my harmonyes gripped the yarn slightly so will try again on my options.

Artlady - what is American? is it like English knitting.

Oh, yes! Sorry. Maybe I named it incorrectly. Anyhoo, Continental is where you ‘pick’ the working yarn. And, what I think is called American is where you ‘throw’ the working yarn. Maybe it is called English.

Ya know, I always get the names confused. Just this past year I finally got it down what continental is. I used to mix up continental and English. I thought they were the same. Maybe they are.

Just a sec. I’m gonna check Amy’s video section and see what the cameras are called…the pink and the blue.

Be back shortly!

Yup! You’re right! I knit ‘English’ style. A thrower! :thumbsup:

I can’t break 35 stitches in a minute…but who cares?

I don’t mind being a slow knitter, more enjoyment actually! More connection with the yarn!

I wonder how many stitches she knits per minute in purl; seed; and cabling and bobbles?

Well, the only thing her speed knitting really helps is endless stocking stitch, which is a knit we all love to wear, but hate to do!

Yes I am thinking that. I can’t imagine she knits like that all the time, you may be able to finish a sweater in two hours but you have missed the whole experience. I am still curious of how fast I knit, once I have finished my blanket I will have a go at testing my self. Would have plenty of practice doing the knitted stitch then.

It was hard to go from the US11 and bulky yarn (on the Log Cabin project) to US5 and dk weight for the speed test.

If you’re gonna test yourself, cast on with dk and US5, and knit about 3" first. It really takes some getting used to! :knitting:

The fastest I would probably be able to knit would be 10 stiches per minute. I have a tension problem when I try to knit fast, which causes me to not knit we’ll. I may knit my stiches too tight, because I always have a hard time getting my needle into the stich. I’ll test mself one of these days to find out.


Thanks for the video link.

who cares is right. i am a ‘process’ knitter, really enjoy knitting and the finished items are just a bonus! linknit41

She is incredible! I think I could quite possibly compete as the fastest tinker! Seriously! Wonder if “Un-Knitting” counts for anything?

Last night I kept setting my Pampered Chef timer for one minute…and couldn’t get beyond 28 st per minute on US11 with the bulky yarn of my current Log Cabin. What slows me down the most is queuing up stitches onto the left needle, and pulling yarn up from the skein. In real life knitting, there are lots of little fiddly things we do in preparing to take a stitch! :teehee:

Oy, the ‘fastest knitter’ in the world is a novelty to watch…but not a person to try to emulate! :wink:

:passedout: I am not even going to try to compare my knitting speed!!!

I am most proud of: I rarely have to frog or tink or correct a stitch. :frog:
My stitches are usually right the first time! :teehee:
Slow but sure! :knitting:

I’m sure to be the s-l-o-w-e-s-t one here! That’s ok.

When I was timing myself for speed, I did less.
When I was timing ‘my natural speed’…I did 2 more stitches! :chair:

I think I’ll time myself tonight. I’m sure I’m slow. I’d love to be faster simple because I have (make?) little time to knit, so even small projects take me days. I knit an “Unoriginal Hat” (thanks for the link in the other thread, ArtLady!) and it took me several days to finish.

Then again, I figure I’m doing good to get any knitting done with a 6 week old, right?


I knit about 16 stitches per minute, but I fumbled at turning the needles, and I have issues with queueing up the yarn on the left and having it bunch up and need to be moved along down the right needle. Oh well. Maybe I’ll try a few more times, just for fun. Or maybe I’ll try on circular needles instead of these clumsy long single pointed ones.

That’s funny that you knit faster when you didn’t try to go for speed, ArtLady! LOL! Maybe that will work for me, too.