Fastening Off

Has anyone out there done this before? I have finished an Nicki Epstein edge (Embossed Wave) for a shawl I knitted and I’m ready to bind off the first 10 stitches, “Fasten Off” and then UNRAVEL the remaining 5 stitches all the way down - 85 “, so proper fastening off is critical. I’m assuming this involves a plain sewn stitch, but would LOVE some verification and further instruction here. I would go down to the Yarn Shop but we have just had about 7” of snow and can’t wait for melting!

Thanks for any help,

No. VA

That sounds like a knitted fringe to me. You work so many stitches and then bind off some of em and unravel the rest?
I would just make sure to tie off and bury that end really well.:knitting:
Maybe double overhand. and if it is fringe you could just leave that end as part of the fringe itself.
Dang, nevermind, I just reread your post again (sometimes it takes me a couple times to “get it” lol. Still the same thing just make sure you tie off the end and bury the end (thread it through several stitches) and then cut the yarn end flush or almost flush where you finished weaving it into the piece and give it a [I]l[U]ittle[/U][/I]tug so that the end is buried in the work.

That is precisely what the unraveling makes, a self fringe. You can leave it looped, or cut it. What is a double overhand? And how is it done?

K, the double overhand is like that first part of the tie you make for tying your shoes.
That is called an overhand knot. To double it, wrap the string or yarn around twice instead of the once. then snug it up and tie it with a single overhand and that should keep the yarn from coming undone. leave about 6 inches for you to weave in n bury into the body of the work. Weave that around for a bit. Then cut off the extra.:thumbsup:

Think I can carry on now - thanks for the info and your patience!:muah: