Fastening off and rejoining

Hey there, I’m a seasoned knitter (17 years), but this pattern has me stumped. Perhaps it’s that I’m working on it while working third shift. :stuck_out_tongue: This is what it says to do: “Fasten off. Rejoin yarn and repeat last two rows three times”. I’m making a stuffed Bulbasaur and this is for his bulb. What in the world and I supposed to do???

Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the forum!
Fasten off usually means that the decreases have left you with one stitch on the needle. You can cut the yarn leaving a 6 inch tail and pull the tail through the last stitch.
The yarn end is then rejoined possibly to some held sts and the pattern proceeds.
Which bulbasaur pattern are you using?

It might be that the pattern needs a strong seam at this point? I sometimes do this with collars to minimise the potential for stretch, ie bind / cast off the stitches, and then pick them up again and continue. Would this fit your pattern?