Fasten off?

Okay…this may sound really silly, but I have a pattern that calls for me to fasten off rather than bind off at a certain point. It says to bind off elsewhere, but at one point in the pattern, it says to fasten off. What does this mean? Thanks!

Where does it say to do this? Usually fasten off is at the end of a bind off where you pull the yarn through the final loop. :think:

Thanks for replying…I’m literally sitting here with my yarn like a high school girl waiting for a boy to call. Okay, here’s what the pattern says (it’s from Sarah Dallas’s Vintage Knits Lace Camisole pattern):
Row 27: k1, sl1, k2tog, psso, k1
Row 28: p3tog. Fasten off. Rejoin yarn to rem sts at center front, purl to end (row 8).

I can include more of the pattern if that doesn’t make any sense. I’m at a part where I’m knitting the front side of the piece, shaping the semi-V part of the cami. I think I’m knitting one side, fastening off if I can figure it out, then knitting the other side of the semi-V. I already know I’ll have more questions about this pattern later on…but that won’t be awhile. Thanks!

:teehee: I like that image! :pray:

After row 27 you’ll have 3 stitches left.

On row 28, you purl those together and end up with one. Cut your yarn and pull it through the way you do the last stitch of the bind off and use the yarn on the other side.

Okay, that was really really simple. Thank you SO much. I didn’t want to get there, and not know what to do…but I guess if I had, it would have been obvious. Thanks again!!!:muah:

Yep, sometimes when you’ve got needles and yarn in your hands, it’s easier to figure out what to do next than trying to visualize it in your head…