Fasten off the purple yarn


My knitting pattern tells me to fasten off the purple yarn then carry on knitting with a different colour. What is meant by the all the above please? Do i have to sew in the purple yarn to secure it and fasten off? Is it ok to just try and knot the purple string in at the top to secure it without trying to sew the purple yarn in please? I don’t want to try and sew the purple yarn in because sewing it might seem complicated unless i had no choice to sew it in


If you are at the beginning of a row the first video is more suitable. Where she says to knot the old and new yarn together to fasten off the old yarn, this is not strictly necessary. You can just lay the old yarn across the new yarn at the back of your work before knitting the 2nd stitch as is shown in the second video.
Hope this helps


Ok thanks for that it does make sense. Thanks for finding the video for me