Fasten off and where to restart knitting


I have 2 questions

  1. Fasten off
    This appears a couple of times, a
    On the main body before joining in the little sleeves, also on the sleeve edges which are a few rows knit flat before adding them, joining them to the circular knitting.
    Is fasten off just cut the yarnleaving a tail to weave in later or is there some additional thing to do?

  2. Joining sleeve edges.
    Edges knit flat and then the stitches slipped onto the circular needle where a few stitches have been cast off to make arm hole.
    I understand where to place the sleeve edges.
    The pattern doesn’t say where to start knitting for the joining of the sleeves and the yoke, would it be at the edge nearest where the start of the round was originally (which now has cast off stitches for the sleeve edge to slot in)? Is there a correct place to start this round? Does it make a difference that there is a lace pattern for the yoke?

Thank you. I’m not at this part just yet as it said read ahead before moving on which I’ve done and these are the only two little bits I am not sure of.

Fasten off is usually the direction given when there’s only a single stitch left on the needle after decreases. It really has no meaning here. Just ignore and slip the sleeve sts to a holder or waste yarn.

You could begin working the yoke 4sts past the original beginning of round marker. There are alternatives but this may be the simplest way to follow the pattern. It gives you a few ends to weave in but comes closest to the instructions. Ideally you’d like to place the lace pattern so it ends up symmetrically sited in the front.

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Thank you so much. You have confirmed what I guessed.
I will start where you suggest and count out the 12 stitch repeat and put in a marker at each spot and check I have it right before I begin that stage.


I have spaced the lace pattern evenly.
I have a problem now with how to work the stitches as I have 50 stitches (sleeve edge) running across a gap of only 8 stitches (cast off for under arm).

I have fought my way through 2 rounds trying different things but I’m clearly not tackling it correctly. My needles are full of stitches, very bunched up with almost no way of creating slack, but I don’t even know where I can put some slack with maybe magic loop method to try to reach across that small gap of 8 when I need to work 50. The cast off stitches obviously don’t stretch.
I’m yanking yarn all over the place, stretching this way and that, ruining the tension.

How am I supposed to be doing this please?
Up to this I was enjoying my first knitting in the round, now I am tearing my hair out. I’m sure I’m just doing some really wrong.

Some projects have very tight joins either side of the underarm without making any allowances for it. This only lasts for the first couple of rounds. It’s not pretty but that’s the way the pattern is written. I think I temporarily moved sts to another needle to ease up on the tension at the joins on each side.

It would be good to go to a circular needle with a longer cable so the your sts aren’t bunched up. Bunche sts are difficult to count and even more difficult to spot errors. There’s no joy in knitting them either.

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Thank you for your help.

I’m on a 30 inch needle (close to 80cm) which is the longer of the needles given for the pattern. I’m making the smallest size which and currently have 252 stitches on this needle which i thought would be okay… I think it is okay apart from these extremely tight underarm sections.
The largest size has an initial cast on of 280…plus the sleeve edges later on makes around 400 stitches, I don’t understand how it could fit if I’m struggling to have the smallest size fit.

I’ve tried slipping stitches to another circular needle to get across the tight section but I’m doing it wrong somehow.
Should I take JUST the sleeve edge stitches onto the extra needle to get past this section? I’ve tried a number of ways, taking a few at a time, but I always end up almost as tight and knotted up as I would without the additional needle so I must be doing it wrong. The problem is even the extra needle then has stitches joining across the tight section.
Do you know of a tutorial which might help me see how to use an extra needle more successfully?

You only need to use the extra needle to relieve the stretch at the join. I’ve slipped sts from the left needle to a dpn and then once past the join, slipped them back to the right hand needle. I’ve also pulled out the cable just in back of the right hand needle to free it up to work the join. Here’s a video from Jen Arnall where she shows addition of the sleeve sts. See especially 4.30min.

Despite what the pattern calls for, if your sts are bunched together you really need to go to a longer cable. This is a separate problem from the sleeve join although if you’re going to pull out some of the cable to work the join, this will be easier with the longer cable.

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Thank you that was really helpful.
In the meantime I’ve growled at this knitting and had started to try something similar but not so clean and controlled.

Also I have looked back at the pattern (a million times) and now I think there was instruction to use 2 circulars. Right at the start where equipment is listed:

DROPS CIRCULAR NEEDLE (80 and 60 cm) SIZE 4 mm - or size needed to get 21 sts x 28 rows in stocking st = 10 x 10 cm.
DROPS CIRCULAR NEEDLE (80 and 60 cm) SIZE 3.5 mm - for edges in garter st.

It says “80 and 60cm” now I certainly didn’t needle 2 needles for the 3.25 size, but perhaps this is where I’ve gone wrong and the 4mm size requires 2 to get around, it just doesn’t say anywhere to use both needles.

I don’t have 2 in the same gauge so I’m slipping about half the fabric to a thinner needle and working them off in the correct size, then slipping more onto thinner and working those. I’m able to pull the cable out on the sleeve now.
That video was great, I had been slipping the wrong amount of the stitches and failing to oull the cable out in the right place.

Thanks again

Just a quick update to say all is well now.
I only needed to huff puff pull and yank and spread the stitches to 2 needles for a few rows. Now it’s all on one needle and working well. I have enough cable to pull a bit out at each sleeve and now I’ve learned where to pull it out its all working nicely.

Thanks again, this was very useful.