Fast, Easy Blanket pattern?

For the past couple of years, I’ve knit items for my friends for Christmas. I enjoy giving homemade gifts. This year, for my three best friends, I am not planning to knit for them - I’m making actual quilts. The twins’ boyfriends and maybe Justin, though, I need something quicker and cheaper. So I was thinking, if I got some of the less expensive acrylic, and found a good pattern for an afghan or blanket, maybe knit on broomstick needles, maybe with two or three strands held together… I might be able to knit three up quick enough in between quilts, or late at night when I can’t use the sewing machine because some crazy people want to sleep then or something.
I’ve looked briefly at KPC but if someone knows of a pattern that might fit what I’m looking for, it would be a lot faster and easier. They should be maybe 5’x6’ or so (I might fudge and make it smaller), and I don’t have experience knitting on broomstick needles (though I have a pair just waiting to be used!) so I need a pattern to be able to see what will look good in such a loose guage.

Thanks in advance!

Hmm, I don’t know of a fast knit afghan (I’m a slow afghan knitter!) but I do know crocheting an afghan (for me)is WAAAAY faster-I used a q hook and very simple pattern (using 2 strands held together) to whip up a good-sized afghan in about a week (seems like it took 4 days of evening crocheting). It was for my Dsis and dbil-they love it and she was so impressed (I was :teehee: inside because it was sooooo easy!).

If you’re interested, I’ll give you the pattern. I don’t know if you crochet though, so I’m sorry if that’s no help!

There are several afghans on large needles on the Lion Brand site.

I haven’t made thisbut it looks easy and quick and it’s pretty. There are lots of quick afghans on that site as well.

Hilary - I can crochet… but my crochet skills are far inferior to my knit skills, so a crocheted project takes twice as long as a knit one for me.
The lion brand one looks like what I’m looking for. :slight_smile: I’ll look quick and see what others they have, but probably just make that one. :slight_smile: