FAQ....Is your STOCKINETTE CURLING? Here's the solution!


I’m reading about blocking. Have no idea what that is. Help please?


Blocking is done to finished items to either shape them or even out the stitches, or both. Only natural fibers block, and some don’t do it well. Acrylic is usually just machine washed and dried to even out the stitches. Not all items really need it, even if they’re wool.


Would blocking work with a yarn of 20% wool and 80% acrylic?


It might do but it would only have a limited effect. IT is most liely to helpw ith evening out stiotches and pattern but might not have a huge effect on shape or stopping a scarf from curling. IT is worth a try though. I would use a technique like soaking, pressing out excess water and pinning to shape with towls etc to absorb water until dry. Avoid using hot methods like steaming as this could effect the acrylic in the blend.


It depends why you’re blocking. If it’s to even out the stitches, then just a machine wash and dry will do that. If it’s to stop the curl, it probably won’t. You can ‘kill’ acrylic by steaming through a damp cloth, and that is permanent, but it may not stop curling. If you have curling edges, best thing is to put an edging on or reknit. And it depends on the item too. If it’s sweater pieces, seaming them together will stop the edges from curling.


Hello everyone. First of all, sorry if this has been asked, don’t have much time. Anywho, I handspun some alpaca that I am now trying to knit. Using seed stitch (I think: k1, p1) border, but it still rolls whenever I pick it up. Is this a problem that can be fixed with blocking, or should I start over and try a different pattern?


It depends on how many edge stitches you are making. If you start with about 5 rows of seed stitch, and then work 5 seed stitches at each edge, the scarf will tend to still curl, but alpaca usually blocks well.


It may also curl if your tension is tight, you might try a larger needle.


I’ve got four rows of seed stitch at the bottom, and four on the sides. I don’t think it’s a tension problem, because the yarn is a little under worsted and I’m using 8 needles (i think), I’ll try blocking a little today to see if that helps.


That would be correct by most patterns, though IMO size 8 and worsted weight produces too dense a knit that can be stiff no matter what yarn you use. But blocking can help.


So if I have to do a border in stockinet, 4 rows, , start with seed stich and then do the 4 rows of stockinette?


Stockinette is where you knit one row, purl one row. For a border, you either want to knit every row (garter stitch) and then work the first few stitches in garter with the section between in stockinette.

You can also do a border in seed stitch with a few rows of that and a few stitches on each edge in seed stitch with the stockinette in between.


I knitted seed stitch- (k1, p1) 2 times on either side of a baby blanket and it is curling… What can I do?

I’m about finished and considered picking up stitches down each side, but am uncertain whether I should Knit, Purl or what…
Acrylic yarn-- feels like cotton-- Nashua- June


Are you actually doing seed stitch or did it come out more like ribbing? The edge of ribbing would definitely curl.

If you are doing it correctly does it sort of fold over 4 stitches in or is it the very edge?


I am working k1, p1, k1, p1 as the last 4 stitches on each side. When I turn the work; I again k1, p1, k1, p1. I don’t know if this is a ribbing or stitch?

All I know is it curls the 4 stitches plus around…


That’s ribbing if you end a row with kpkp and start it with kpkp. The beg of the row should be pkpk. If that’s confusing, look at the sts on the new row - if it looks like a purl st, knit it and if it looks like a knit st, purl it. That will get you seed stitch.


Ok, so now that I am almost finished with the blanket…Does anyone know if I picked up stitches on the edges…should I knit, Purl or what to try and straighten the sides out???



If you’re going to put an edging on it, do it in garter or seed stitch.


How many rows in garter or seed stitch? Would 2 or 3 be enough?


At least 3.