FAQ....Is your STOCKINETTE CURLING? Here's the solution!


Worsted is a yarn weight, what fiber is it? Block only works with wooly type fibers, some wool blends, so it depends.


Actually, I just received a Knitting Daily e-mail that goes over blocking acrylic and “other non-woolly fibers”.

The article can be found HERE but I believe you need to register (if you haven’t already) to view it.


Sorry to just jump in but I have a similar problem but a slightly different question. My white wool scarf is curling as well and I was planning on adding a green border using a smaller needle but then I thought I could block the white scarf-part first. Should I block then add the green or knit the green border and then block? I’m just worried that the green wool might bleed or maybe the scarf’s dimensions will make it hard to knit the green border. Please help. It’s for my baby’s first Christmas.


sorry, I don’t have an answer to your question- but i need to know how to post a question. there isnt’ anywhere i can see to post one.
Your help would be apprecited-
Thanks, Linda


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there no mention of a remedy:hair: on the curling edge…
help please…


Sometimes a curling edge can be a design feature, as on this hat. It’s supposed to curl, makes a reverse stockinette `cuff’.


i didn’t see any note that it will be purl side out cuff…:verysad:


If you look at the pictures closely, you’ll see that the edge is rolled up and that the purl side shows. Looking at the pictures on Ravelry, that’s how it’s meant to be worn.


I couldn’t tell from Knitty pics… Think I can now pickup and purl a cuff? I’m in the round on this…


I’m not quite sure what you mean?


I am knitting this in the round. Since it is knit side out including the cuff could I go back on cast on edge and pick up stitches to make a purl side out cuff/:eyes:


I’m in such a pickle with this ridiculous scarf! My first EVER knitting project (done in wool cashmere mix) - I decided to knit in stockinette. After a couple of feet I could see the side edges curling in badly and realised my mistake, but couldn’t quite face the thought of unravelling all that hard work! So I ploughed on, hoping it would somehow magically sort itself out.The scarf is now more or less of complete length, and has literally taken me months, but the curl is just insane… I knit quite tightly, which probably doesn’t help. It’s just a narrow tube all the way down! Is there anything I can do now the thing is complete, to try to fix it? I’ve read through a lot of the replies here, but some are quite technical and my understanding is so limited. I might end up having to try to line one side, but not even sure I’ll be able to do that neatly… Would making a border on it help, considering that it’s REALLY tightly curled? I’d have no idea how to go about that, but this was meant to be a gift, and I can’t take the shame of admitting defeat! :roflhard:

Any help would be much appreciated!


If it’s wool or a blockable fiber, that will help, but probably not much. A border can help, either crocheted around or pick up stitches and knit one on in garter. But there’s no guarantee that will help it either. Rather than picking up stitches for a border, or trying to line it, it may be easier in the long run to just reknit it with a border of garter or seed stitch (at least and inch worth on the ends and the edges). You may find that it goes faster the second time too.


OK, so most of the time when I knit stockinette, it’s either in something that will be seamed, or I put a border around it, and no problems.

I knit my husband a scarf in plain stockinette with a seed stitch border. The yarn is a chunky weight 100% wool. I made the stockinette section 24 stitches wide, with 6 stitches of seed stitch on either side.

I wet blocked it, and then tried steam blocking it, and it’s STILL curling. I have never run into this problem before when using a seed stitch border. I’m about ready to frog it and just reknit it in another pattern stitch, but I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts on why this is happening? Maybe I knit too tight? (I do tend to knit rather tightly.)


It could be from tight stitches because 6 sts on either side should keep it from curling. What size needles did you use? I have good luck using 13s on chunky, sometimes 15s.


I probably should have gone up another needle size. The suggested needle size for the yarn is a 10, and I used 11s…I have more of the yarn, I’ll give it a try.


If I’ve already knit the scarf, how can I pick up the stitches to knit or crochet a border? My stockinette curls too.


Look at the video in Advanced Techniques (or maybe Tips) for picking up stirches. You just pretend the finished edge of your scarf is like the left needle with stitches on it and `knit’ them with your right needle. Or insert the crochet hook into the stitch and do a single or double crochet around.


thanks neaver ask the question but it answered my problem hugs happypins