FAQ....Is your STOCKINETTE CURLING? Here's the solution!


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I am knitting a reverse stockinette scarf. I began with four rows of garter stitch after the cast on, however, the fabric is curling where I began the stockinette stitch. I have a border at the side edges and it isn’t curling at the sides. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Have you washed and blocked it yet? That might help some.

For future reference, though, you’ll probably need to add a wider boarder at the bottom and top to keep it from curling.


You can wash and dry the part you’ve got finished, but even with a wool yarn, that may not counteract the curl at the lower edge. Four rows of garter stitch is only 2 ridges, and you probably need a bit more, like 6 rows/3 ridges or even 4 ridges. It tends to want to flip up really, more than curl, and you can do a row of k1 p1 at the transition which could help. This article can help.


Right. I was going to say that 4 rows is not enough. The sides will curl without a good border, too.

Reverse stockinette is the same as reg. stockinette.


I’m working on a scarf at the mo that’s stockinette with two pearl thin purl pannels, it curled so, as per internet advice, I ripped the lot back and started again but with a straight knit border. It’s still curling! I read that if I make it twice as long, double it over and hem the edges then it will lie flat. It’ll be a lot of work so I’m after opinions before I continue :aww:


to do this I do a certain number of rows at the bottom in garter stitch. I then knit a certain number of stitches on the left and right side in garter stitch. Then after I do as much stockinette as I want I do the same number of rows in garter at the top as I did at the bottom. That little bit of garter all around really helps with the curling and to me makes kind of a nice frame for the stockinette and also an even depth in the fabric.


Thank you for bringing this up. Is there anything I can do about the nose area on my finished hat project? I just finished a hedgehog hat with a single crochet (1row, loose) trim. The edge is curling just at the nose which ruins the “cuteness” factor. Lots of work for a beginning knitter with disappointing results. I would appreciate any help you can give. Thank you so much.


It looks terrific to me. Have you tried blocking it yet? The curling is fairly minimal and may well not show when worn.


Thank you! I just started blocking it tonight. We’ll see…


That is a seriously cute hedgehog. (I’m showing up late just to say that.)


This is why I prefer garter stitch.


Wool is very easy to block. Wet it carefully (very thouroughly). Place between 2 dry towels and press as much water out as is possible. Lay on a flat surface and pin to the size given on the pattern. Allow to air dry. I understand you might be able to press the edges after the scarf is pinned, with a warm iron. Look up blocking wool on youtube and other sources you trust. I always go to Liat Gat at KnitFreedom or Staci at VeryPink.com. They both are great instructors and explain why as well as how.