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Hello:balloons: , crazy and not much crazy fans of needles and crochet!:flirt:
I have not been here for a long time, had some problems with my computer.
Now I’m here and decided to create my own blog :):knitting:

I’m not really sure abt how much of my life I need to open here and if it is interesting for other forum residents, so my first post will not be long.

My name is Anastasia, I’m 25. I’m married, have almost 20 months old daughter.
I’m a left-handed person, love unusual things, creative design and handmade!
While I stay at home with my daughter I work as a freelance translator/ interpreter of Eng/Rus but still think my English is not good enough.
I like to knit, but crochet - is really my way!

Want to show you one of my old works - “Blue costume” for my daughter. I designed it by myself. Now it is too small for her but she wore it with pleasure.

In my blog I gave some explanations abt how to create such a dress and a hat, so if you are interested in, you can read more abt it in my blog and see more pictures.

Well that’s all I thing for the start, I really want to share my interests and ideas with other knitters, find out smth new from them and just find good virtual friends!:grphug: :grphug: :grphug:
Have a good day!

Welcome to the blogs Anastasia! That little dress is adorable. :thumbsup:

Thx :slight_smile:

It’s such an easy thing to crochet summer hats :slight_smile:
And I like the way they look and each design will be ok for such hats for children, so I always improvise, when I crochet them.

Welcome to the blogs! :waving:

Hi there.
This is also my work.
Rug (wool) 110*110 cm

All info abt it in my blog)



This is the first time I used needles, didn’t like the yarn too messy (see the curvy edges) :frowning:
Anyway the jacket was very warm to wear.

Goodness your daughter is so adorable she has the most perfect chubby cheeks, and the things you have crochet/knit are amazing I think you are great at it.:thumbsup: