Fancy new Front Page

Sheldon (my dear husband) spiffed up the front page for me. Nice, eh? Compared to old one. Sheldon’s the real “designer” among us. The old design was just my own best attempt, but he’s quite the master. :heart:

Personally… Im impressed as hell… Very nice… well done Amy & Sheldon.


very pretty!!!

BEEEUTIFUL Amy! :thumbsup:

Shazaam! Nice job guys! I can’t believe you’ve found a way to make this place even better. :cheering:

Of course, you could always give us free yarn. :wink:

:cheering: Sheldon :cheering:

Hoorays all around for Sheldon!! :thumbsup: He must love you very much Amy! :heart: :heart:


Looks great!!! Please tell him thanks :slight_smile:

Sheldon is talented too??? :happydance:
I wonder what type of talents your kids will have…!! :smiley:

Looks great Amy and Sheldon! Way to go!! :cheering:

WTG…I emailed you about it hours ago :wink:
What a team, what a team…Amy & Sheldon…I think that they can do all :thumbsup: Very nice work, guys…lovin’ it :heart: :heart:

Thanks everyone!

Sheldon says thank for the praise! I can tell he appreciates it. :heart:


Well hella yah, I noticed it! :wink: Then went madly clicking to all the other pages to see what else was new. :lol: click click click click click click …

well i just had to go look cuz i never see the front page. My landing page on all my computers (yeah all FOUR of them…lol) is set to the forums :oops: i only go looking at the other pages when i need something or am directed to go look!

The page is OUTSTANDING! every time you guys upgrade it looks more and more professional. I love seeing the evolution!!