Family Circle Wonder Loom

I found in my grandmother’s things a square cardboard loom with “family circle wonder loom” printed on it. There are 5 slits/notches in each side and the corners are numbered 1-4. I have googles instructions but come up empty. Does anyone have any info/instructions on this?

Hi- I am looking at my wonder loom right now. I have a bit of the original instructions left, too. They make a nice 4 inch square that consists of yarn wrapped around the board and then tied at the points where the yarns intersect in a grid pattern. email me if you wish me to send copy to you. TexOma

Hello, I was looking for the instructions for the cardboard wonder loom. I do not throw anything away & found this cardboard loom in my grandmother’s sewing box. I wrote to Family Circle & they took a long time to respond that they have no info on this. If you would be so kind to send me what you have. I* appreciate your time. Have a nice day.

Do you have the instructions now?

Is it similar to these?

I made a baby blanket for my son in 1981 using the wonder loom. I have been searching for years to find instructions to make another one. Can you PLEASE share the instructions with me? Thanks.

Just wondering if you still have the instructions.

If you have the instructions for the use of the cardboard wonder loom, I would love to have them. I would like to make a baby sweater using it. If I remember right it was very simple to do. Thank you

Here’s an instruction video that may be what you want. The video goes fast.

Hi, I just stumbled across the wonder loom in cleaning out my mom’s sewing room for her. If you have the instructions, I would really appreciate you sending them to me. I tried to e-mail you but just joined to get the instructions and I can’t e-mail you until I have 10 posts… Hope you are able to e-mail me.

thanks :slight_smile:

Most likely any response will be here in the forum on this thread. There are actually several links already on here so just click them and they may have the info you need.

I also have some instructions from the Family Circle but not the Loom size. IF anyone has the dimentions or a patter they can e-mail please do. I am so excited to see others has this loom information. IF you want what I have I will scan and send it to whomever replies. :woohoo:

I imagine after all this time you probably have the instructions for the loom, if not I have it all, I think, it does say to go to another page, but as far as I can tell all the instructions are here. It is from the family circle magazine 4/7/81. I just made a copy for my gr. grand daughter. Let me know if you still need it.

have you ever gotten the instructions for the loom? if not I do have it. I will e-mail them to you or snail mail. oops sorry, I just discovered the last page is missing.

did you ever get the instructions for the cardboard loom? if so I would love to have a copy, I have all except the last page on how to take it off.

Hi TexOma, I know it has been a year since this post, but I am new to this and just discovered all those wanting the instructions for the cardboard wonder weave? I have all of it but the last page, by any chance you have it? thanks.

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I tried that, but was told I cannot send an e-mail until I have 10 posts. I only have 2

i too, am looking for the instructions for the wonder loom…can any one please send them to me? thanks for the help:knitting:

I just registered because I found my wonder loom but I don’t have enough information to start. This is from the April 7, 1981 issue. Can anyone send me the instructions? Thanks.