Fall Jcrew Scarf - any ideas for a pattern/materials?

I just saw this scarf online, it will be available for sale in October. I would prefer to make it myself though! I am a bit of a newbie so any help would be appreciated!

okay i was answering this and got distracted by clients shakes fist!

It looks like basic stockinette stitch to me though it is a little hard to tell for sure. could be a 1x1 rib or something too. Do you know how to knit in the round? I think a super easy way to do that would be to just knit in the round …cast on maybe 50 stitches or so on a small needle (i would just do as many as fit kind of tightly on the cast on because it will “grow” after you do the first round or two…or at least mine always do) and then just knit away. No purling required if you just do stockinette in the round since it autmatically creates that when you knit and then you can just change colors randomly or however many rows you would like (i am a random kinda girl! :wink: )

oh and if you do it in the round then when you get to the end you can just seam up the top and bottom and be done! :thumbsup: and you also don’t have to worry about the stockinette curl or seaming up the side!

I was thinking that it was a k1p1 rib in a bulky yarn. :thinking:

I’ve never knit in the round before but I can always try! Thanks for the ideas. :smiley:

Ingrid – I think you’re right … looks a bit ribby … and pretty!! I hope you get to make it, Leila!! You’ve certainly got plenty of help here if you need it. I say go for it!

As a matter of fact, Sierra from KnitPicks might be a good yarn for you. They have Natural and Coal, which would probably be a nice combination. Good luck!

well there is something to be said for the ginormous resolution my mother has on her computer…i can certainly see the rib for sure on this one!..lol