Fall 2005 Knit It! Magazine

Has this happened to anyone else? I got the one with the orange sweater a LONG time ago … last week at the grocery store I picked one up the one on the left , … I had just sorted my magazines and did not recognize the cover. I didn’t even look inside I was so excited for a new mag.

I would email them and tell them how confusing that is…maybe they’ll send you a free issue!

Actually, I would INSIST that they send you a free issue!

That’s not uncommon, but I don’t know why they do it. I subscribe to several magazines and I see that sometimes they have a different cover the newstand copies, too. :rollseyes:

what a bummer!

isn’t that the one that only comes out once a year?

Or send a copy of your receipt and ask for a refund. How dare those evil publishing people mess with our minds like that. Keeping multiple project straight and dealing with different yarns … and … ahh it’s just too much.

I can give a wild guess why they do it… you just did it! They assume that you will buy it, spur-of-the-moment, because you don’t immediately recognize it. So they make money.

Sucks. I would insist on a refund (or free issue), too. I think it’s kind of crappy that they would use that kind of trickery. :rollseyes:

OMG! I didn’t know they did that! I don’t read magazines much (they are getting so expensive!!! I need my money for yarn!) but that one looks good–I can see why you’d pick it up off of the mag stand.

Thank goodness I saw this email today. I had just been at the store the other day and thought to myself, I need to buy that magazine! I already have the other one!