Fake Isle Hat

Is anyone interested in doing a Fake Isle Hat kint-along? I’m using this pattern: http://www.magknits.com/Nov06/patterns/fakeisle.htm to make a project that is both my first Fair Isle and my first hat. It’s a great first Fair Isle project and an excellent way to use the odd left-over skein of Noro Kureyon (bonus points for stash busting, right?)

I’ve already begun working on mine (which you can see here: http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w184/RedheadRachel/Knitting007.jpg) but I can already see that I’ll probably end up doing several.

So I think it’s a really cool project and KarrieLyne suggested a Knit-along. Who’s with us? :smiley:

I’d love to join in but I’m waiting for a LOT of goodies to arrive by mail. I’ve spend a lot this week already. :rollseyes:

I think I’ll wait a few days before ordering the yarns. I see that Webs sells the Noro and the Lambs Pride. NIce to order both at the same time. I’ll keep you posted.:lol:

Well you know that I am totally in!! I went to my LYS today and got my supplies =) I even started knitting it during my lunch hour!! I am very excited and I will post pictures as it progresses!

Thanks for posting this KAL!!!

I just ordered my Onyx Lambs Pride and my Noro Kureyon #182 from WEbs… :cheering::cheering:They had a lot of colors to choose from it took me awhile to finally make up my mind.

I’ll post when I receive my order.:rollseyes:

I just actually finished my first one, because I just couldn’t wait - here are pictures:

So now that I’m “experienced” (HA!) I can help if anybody has questions. And I’m going to start a new one really soon, so we can all help each other as our hats progress.

I’m so glad people joined! This is going to be so much fun :smiley:

Great job Rachel!!! Wow, you must knit really fast!!! I just got past the ribbing…it is going pretty fast though…i am very excited since I have never used Noro before and I really am loving it!!!

And I thought I knit fast!! I hope I can follow the pattern too. Can’t wait to get my yarns.:happydance:

lol I don’t have a regular job this summer, so I’m spending a good amount of time on my knitting. That’s how I get a lot of stuff done. And I kind of have an obsessive personality; once I start on something, it’s all-consuming until I finish it.

Tomorrow I’m going to my first free Open Knitting time at the LYS - I’m probably going to buy another skein of Noro Kureyon (maybe in “manlier” colors) and start another of these hats. I’m thinking they’ll make excellent Christmas presents!

Thanks for all the positive feedback! Feel free to post pictures, even of the work in progress :smiley:

I think I’ll join in – I have never done Fair Isle and definitely need the practice. I had trouble even swatching 2 repeats of a chart yesterday so we’ll see how it goes!


It came out great - good job!

I’m still a little lost on reading the chart - it’s right to left, yes? So I would take the first row at the bottom and work it repeatedly over the stitches for that row, then start the second one and work it right to left etc etc etc?

RHRachel that hat is gorgeeeeous! :inlove: Aw geez now I want to knit one :rollseyes:

Okay finally got the balls wound, time to get started…

Woohoo, I’m glad people are joining. And IronMaiden, because I saw you were looking for a good first Fair Isle and I kind of hoped you’d join this. lol

Yes, you read the chart from right to left, bottom to top. It makes sense if you just think of reading the chart the way you knit, starting at the right. And then you just keep working that same line of the chart until you reach the end of the row, then start the next row of chart with the next row of stitches.

Just about through the stripes at the bottom… so far so good - although my last few projects have been with larger needles so it’s a little uncomfortable!

Hello =) I am so excited about this hat! So far it has knit up sooo fast! Right now I am on row 9 in chart 1 and I just started yesterday!! I will work more on it tonight and hopefully finish it this weekend! The one thing that I am finding is that I like working with the size 6 needle. I have always worked in larger needles thinking they would be easier to handle, but I am finding I like the 6’s =) I will post a pic later of my progress!! Can’t wait to see everyone elses!

Yeah, it’s so funny how you get so used to the certain size needle, and when you begin another project it’s so awkward/uncomfortable. I knit this poncho in Size 15s once, and then everything else seemed to be SO SMALL and knit up SOOO slowly. Now I’m doing socks on size 2’s, and so when I start working on my hats again, the 6s seem gigantic! lol

Here’s mine so far:

I’m concerned it might be a tad big (though my gauge is correct so perhaps I’m just overthinking it) but otherwise going well :D.

This is how far I am so far =) I am doing the small version for my daughter…seems really small though…hope it stretches =)

I received my yarn in today’s mail from Webs. Wow that was fast delivery!!:cheering::cheering: I’ll start it soon…I’m working on the Pinwheel sweater at the moment and it’s taking some of my concentration.:drool:

Wow, everyone’s looks great!! If the smaller hat seems REALLY small, maybe you should check to see if you’re not pulling the yarn that you’re carrying in the back a little too tight. I know that a lot of beginning Fair Isle knitters have a bit of a problem with pulling the yarn too tight and it becomes a little puckery (mine is a tiny little bit, but it’s not too bad - actually the hat might have been too loose if I had loosened up any of my yarn.) Apparently the trick is to keep the stitches on your right needle (the ones you’ve already worked for the row) spaced how they will be in the finished piece. Don’t stretch them out really far on the right side or that will make the backside too loose and loopy, and don’t bunch them up because you will make it too tight and puckery as you weave in the yarn on the WS. I’ve been told just to not “overthink it”, that the natural spacing will help it look the best.

I wasn’t aware it can be a big problem on my first hat, so on my second one I’m going to make sure and concentrate on regular, even spacing.