Fair price for hand died sock yarn?

so… I’ve been thinking about dying my own yarn since I often can’t find what I want, so I figure I may as well dye my own. and while I’m at it I may as well dye a few more skeins while I’m at it right!? so I’ve concidered selling the extra skeins, maybe in an etsy shop or ebay or both. I want to be fairly priced though. and having not really shopped around for hand dyed yarn I’m wondering if someone here might know what the going rate is for hand dyed yarn?

I think I’ll start with sock yarn because that’s what I want to use, and if no one buys my yarn at least I’ll have what I want.

also I’m thinking that it makes sense to put the yarn into skeins big enough for a pair of socks. but honestly I have yet to make socks with fingering weight yarn (only worsted, I want my “real” socks to be perfect!). how many yards should go into a skein of sock yarn in order to get an average pair of socks out of them? anyone know? this info would be useful even if just for personal knowledge.


ok, I looked around a bit and I’m thinking that depending on the yarn I may charge $5-$10 for 200-400yards. does that sound reasonable?

the yarn I found that I’m thinking to start with is 100% wool and I’m thinking that’d be about $5ish is 200yds enough for a pair of socks?


From my personal experience you need at least 450 yards of fingering weight yarn to make a decent pair of socks:wink: Also I think the rate for that yardage and wool yarn is anywhwere from $15-$25…hope this helps ya!
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I agree with KnitPixie…you need at least 450 yards for socks…and the prices are higher than you are thinking…unless of course you want to sell out within minutes!:cheering:

thank you! :slight_smile: that’s really great to know! I of course would use the first few skeins myself to be sure I got the desired results, and because…well I am really itching to make socks! :slight_smile: but it’s really good to know what it usually goes for as well as how much is needed for socks.

thanks again! :slight_smile:

A starting point for how much to charge would be how much you paid for the yarn and the dyes, plus something for your time. IMO $5-$10 is giving it away.