Fair Isle scarf pattern

I need help finding a pattern for a fair isle scarf. I have up to six colors I can use. I had a pattern for a hat and mittens but I wanted to do up a scarf instead. Since I have a variety of colors I was going for a fair isle pattern.

The catch is I need one that will look good on a guy. Any help would be really really really appreciated. Thanks! :heart:

Here’s a few.

Not free, but here’s some more. Books may be available at the library.

You might be in interested the Uncle Argyle one from The Son of Stitch and Bitch. It’s double knit so all the floats are inside and it looks good on both sides. It’s a learning curve though to learn the technique. It’s on the cover.

A forum member, Slim, has done a couple of them.

Okay so I followed the links you gave me (thank you thank you thank you!) and I’ve completely fallen for one of the patterns on Kieran Foley’s site.

Now fair isle doesn’t intimidate me at all, but I’ve never worked off a pattern that doesn’t tell me exactly how much yarn I need. Are there any tips I can use to make sure I buy enough?

Thanks again.