Fair Isle Newbie, Oh dear

Okay sooo I just started a fair isle scarf which is knit in the round

This is the pattern http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter06/PATTbinary.html

In the pattern I must knit 21 stiches in black and the knit a couple in green.

Do I carry the green throughout the black or do i just knit the black afnd then knit the green. In that case Ill have a large loop in the back but I watched the fair isle knitting video on here and she said a large loop was bad. :o

If I do carry the green through the black stitches, how do I without showing it?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Fair Isle is also known as stranded knitting. Here’s some help.

This site has an excellent video of learning to fair isle. You need IE to view the video.

Here’s more-

I just checked the pattern and it has this note:

Note: For the first row of characters, CC is joined at beginning of cursor, and broken at end of second digit. This prevents long yarn floats from pulling across the WS of the work, which would distort the fabric.

If you read through the instructions for the first few rows you see
you don’t start carrying the yarn in fair isle style until row 4.

Hope that helps!
Libbie :slight_smile: