Fair Isle in the round

I love the look of Fair Isle but I haven’t really tried the technique yet. I’d like to start with a basic hat. Finding a pattern is easy enough, but I’m not sure about the stranding bit.

I’ve searched and searched for videos and how-to’s, but all I’ve found are knit flat.

Can someone link me to a video that shows fair isle knit in the round?

What I don’t understand is where I start my second (third, fourth, etc.) colors. Do I bring them along right from the beginning of the round? Do I start them when the pattern calls for me to knit with the CC?

Am I making sense? :wink:

This is the best video I’ve ever seen for fair isle knitting.

Usually you only use 2 colors in a row, so those would be the only 2 you’d carry around the hat. If there are more colors in the hat, you can probably carry them up the inside at the ‘beginning mark’ as long as you don’t have to go too many rows before you use that color again.

I have just started my first fair isle project - knit in the round. It’s this: http://www.popknits.com/index.php/patterns/page/fair_isle_beret/

If you’re comfortable working in the round, doing fair isle this way should be no different than working it flat and may just be easier considering you don’t have to work the “wrong side” (no purling).

It’s just as easy as picking up a new color and knitting it in. Knit loose, easy stitches and keep your stitches stretched out in order to ensure that the floats are loose enough. I can’t remember where I saw the video for that, but it’s probably the same one that Mirl56 recommended. Also try searching on youtube. Maybe this could be a jump-off point: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2L4Fo82zwk&feature=PlayList&p=4A96A7F6ECD24824&index=7

You bring the color in when it says to start it and you’ll carry it until your done using that color. Then cut it off leaving a good size tail to weave in later. If you use that same color again at another point in the fabric, just start it again. I know what you mean about the lack of videos showing when and how to bring colors in. Most only show the actual knitting.

I just started this hat on Saturday and I’m sure I’ll finish it this week. I’m only working on it at home as there’s lots of yarns and I can’t carry that easily. You can do it.

[COLOR="#330099"]You can use your favorite join method or pick one that seems to fit. Amy shows several joining techniques her on [U][B]KH knitting tip page[/B][/U]. Scroll down to the joining section.

Since true Fair Isle uses only two colors in any one row (well you could sneak in a sparse, third color using intarsia) you will likely be dropping one color and picking up the new one.

I prefer what she calls a double knit-in join to prevent holes. A duplicate stitch join would work as well and may be easier. I just dislike weaving ends in later as I’m just as likely to forget. :roll:

You can also make the change in the unused color during a 3 stitch or longer float.

Fair Isle has three positions for yarn: 1) Used in the stitch, 2) float behind stitches 1 or 2, or 3) wrapped in by stitches 3 or 4. By using stitches 3 and 4 you can alternate the unused color that is wrapped and secure by the stitch. (The stitch numbering is the same as that used by the Philosopher’s Wool video.)

No sure I could make the muddier or not. :wink: