Fair Isle in Round Jump Issues

I feel like there is some secret that I am missing. I am working on these beautiful Christmas stockings with a very “full” fair isle pattern. There is not a single column of stitches that is one color. I have found tutorials on how to fix the jog in stripes, but I don’t know what to do with this pattern. Do I only slip the stitch from the row below on color change rows? Before color change rows? Slipping every time doesn’t work.

I think this is one of the best tutorials for jogless knitting of stripes or for color changes in fair isle. Only slip the stitch on the color change rows if you are going to slip sts.

I have attached a sample of the fair isle pattern. The black line represents the beginning of the round.

I know that I would slip at the beginning of row 16. But I don’t know how to handle the little diamond in the center. When do I slip? :wall:

My two cents- Personally I would just leave it be. It’s the nature of knitting anything in the round when using multiple colors since you’re knitting in a spiral. When I’ve come across a situation like this when making something I just try to keep that join area in a place where it’s less visible. A Christmas stocking for instance it could be placed on the fold at the back of the foot/leg. When you look at a stocking you look at the front and back…not the edges. They tend to be blocked rather sharply on the folds.

Or are you making a Christmas stocking that actually looks like a sock you wear? Still not sure how to blend it in at that point with a jogless jog. :think:

Yes, I agree with Jan,. It becomes difficult to blend in the pattern to give a jogless line where there are single sts at the beginning and end of the rounds. If you could put the beginning of round at the back of the heel where the stocking might be folded anyway, it would be less noticeable. And perhaps the single color sts will work a bit in your favor to make the jogs less obvious.

this is the pattern. yes it is much more sock like.

I am just perfectionist. The pattern is written so the seam is at the center of the back. I was just hoping there was a solution for complicated fair isle patterns.

I understand as I’m the same way. I gotta say though that even though from the side it’s maybe more “sock like” in shape it definitely is flat with a fold at sides. I doubt it will be obvious at all.

I wish I could help, but because of the pattern I’m not sure the jogless jog will work well. It works great with stripes though should you ever need it.

I’ve done several sweaters in Fair Isle sweaters, and none of the patterns mentioned being able to create a ‘jogless’ round. You’re working in a spiral and the pattern is not going to line up evenly.

What you [I]could[/I] do for your stocking is create a more even ‘seam’ by adding a solid line of stitches up the center back of the stocking. It will break up the pattern there, but will look like a deliberate seam rather than an uneven pattern.