Fair Isle- How to "catch"?

Please Help! I am about to start a new fair isle scarf and from what I understand you shouldn’t carry yarn over the back for too many stitches or else you can get puckering/showing through, etc. I read another post about stranding and they referred to “catching” meaning attaching the unused yarn to the back of the work as you need to to keep the piece from puckering (I think). The scarf I am knitting is done in two rows of pink and two rows of variagated then two rows pink, on and on until you get to the part with the pattern to follow. Do I carry the unused yarn back and forth across two rows of the other color? :?? Am I even making sense? Any help is appreciated!!

For this part, you can carry the unused yarn up the side, since it’s only two rows. After you knit the first row of your second yarn, bring it under the yarn attached to the side from the previous row. It gets carried up the side until you need it again.

The ‘catching’ to prevent puckering is usually done as you knit across the row and are switching colors. If you have this to contend with to, I’ll try to explain the best way to do that, too.

Ingrid you helped me with carrying a while ago if its the same thing you are talking about

I remember–but I’m not sure if it was clear enough.

Yup, complete with pictures, it was excellent and I’m using it right now (well not literally right now but you get the idea) Thanks again for showing me :thumbsup: If I weren’t so incompetent at doing computer stuff I would link to it. However, if you look under posts by me its there under the title “changing colors”

Thanks–I’m terrible with searches.

Here’s when I attempted to show the same thing to Jeremy.

Thanks so much for the info- I am going to try that out!
Kate :XX: