Fair Isle Goof

As my first foray into fair isle knitting, I decided to knit this [COLOR=“MediumTurquoise”]scarf[/COLOR]. The scarf has been finished for some time with the exception of weaving in the loose yarn ends, which is a big task with fair isle knitting.

Everything appeared to be going just fine during the knitting. The pattern is mainly a repeat of 37 rows. Days after I finished, I discovered that the [B]first[/B] round of 37 rows [B]do not[/B] line up with the remaining repeats which line up [I]perfectly[/I] with each other. The first round is about 7 stitches off from the rest. :wall:.

I’m embarrassed to give this to someone who is already expecting to receive it. I’ve been wracking my brains to think of some way to fix it. It has just a regular cast on.

I could easily knit the beginning of the scarf again but I can’t think of any way to remove the first part of the scarf that is aligned incorrectly. I really don’t think a sort of permanent lifeline will help, for that only secures from the top not the bottom. Can’t think of a way to bind off the bottom.

Wish I could just rotate it a bit.:teehee: If I could remove the first part, I could just sew the two parts together with that stitch that looks like knitting (not Kitchener but the one where you sew a loop around the top part and then put the yarn in the middle of a stitch on the other part).

Am I just stuck with it as it is? Any comments would be really appreciated.

What a good looking scarf!
You could re-knit the last repeat and also offset it, call it a design feature or you could do as you say, and cut the yarn between the first repeat and the second. Then you can either re-knit the first repeat (upside down) or weave the two together. I would use Kitchener but if you have another way, go ahead and try it.
Here’s a tutorial that shows the basic technique for cutting and picking up loops.

The link to which you referred has techniques I have never imagined. That I can actually reknit the 1st part as if I had cast on provisionally is such an amazing option. And you think this will work with fair isle too?

OTOH, I might choose to reknit the last repeat and off set it. I’m on a time crunch, and this might be the faster way. Both ends will be balanced.

Your knowledge is vast.



The best way to do this for fair isle, should you decide to go that way, is to pick a row that is all knit in one color…
Good luck with the scarf which is going to be spectacular!