Fair Aile knitting help

I’ve been trying to incorperate fair isle into my scarf can any one help me get these sticthes even

Thank you who ever gave me that las tip if i want to make a pattern should i start on the knit side or purl side

Fair Isle just takes practice. Unfortunatly, I don’t think there’s any magic tip to help. :frowning:

What kind of problem are you having?

Basic tips–if you’re working flat, read the chart right to left for the front, left to right for the back.

If you’re working in the round, right to left every row.

Make sure that your yarn is stretched out along the needles when you strand across the back to avoid puckering. If you have more than about an inch, make sure you trap the yarn in back to avoid big loops.

If you can be more specific, or post a pic, we could be of more help. :smiley: