Fabric squares joined by knitting

I saw an idea on a tv program for a baby blanket that used 4 x 4 squares of fabric with a blanket stitch around each square and then the squares are crocheted together. I love the idea, but I would prefer to knit the squares together instead. I would use 2 squares wrong sides of fabric together which makes each square double-sided, holes punched in all around, then do a blanket stitch to have the spaces in which to knit the first row of stitches. But I am wondering what kind of a knit stitch I could use to make 3 or 4 rows of a knittied border around each square, then join the knitted “border” of the squares together somehow. Any ideas or do you know of a pattern?

I would do a log cabin edging on it. Look at the outside edge of these designs to see how these are done. These would be joined with a whip stitch on the back side of the blanket to make the joins invisible and make the log cabin edging stand out. You would lay the squares out flat on a table right sides down and stitch through the back loops.

Thanks for the idea. I didn’t think about doing a log cabin style. Whenever I do a fabric quilt, I almost always put them together in the log cabin design. I will consider this as soon as I prepare my squares of fabric. Thanks again.