F.O.: Duet Cowl/Hat

This is from the latest Knitty, it’s a cowl which can double as a hat if you need it. LOVE the knit and the F.O.! On Ravelry here.

I wanted something to give to mom if she decides to take her trip to Paris on her 80th birthday ;)…but I’m the one modeling because it’s a surprise and she’s my photographer :o)

The buttons are vintage from a dress of hers from the 50’s and will undoubtedly make her like the F.O.

If you make this make sure to block the heck out of it top to bottom or it might not fit your head, if you have a large one like me.

Really beautiful, and you look great in them, um, it.

Love the color of the buttons you chose go go with the yarn.

Oooo la la! Looks positively yummy! Great work!

Wow!! That’s neat! Love the beautiful color!

Thanks. Forgot to mention the yarn. It’s Patons Classic Wool Merino in Paprika color.

That is beautiful. I love your color selection and that you used Mom’s buttons. It’s lovely. Thanks for sharing.

What a cool idea! I love it!

That’s pretty cool!

On a side note, I love your necklace!

Thanks, the necklace means a LOT to me. It says a LOT! Maranatha! :wink:

What a beautiful piece; you did so well on it! I may have to knit one for myself.