EZ's Snail hat

started working EZ’s snail hat that is in “Knitting Without Tears”. After the first 20 rnds trouble struck. On the 21st rnd is where you are suppose to stop working the M1, and the number of stitches will then decrease. Great, works fine but to me doesn’t look so hot. I tried working the remaining rounds in pattern but it looked strange…nothing like the pic. The lovely swirl gets lost in a bunch of off kilter purls, this could be cuz I don’t understand what “slip the remaining k st, k the next and psso” was…I didn’t have a "remaining k st! What am I doning wrong?? Is this pattern in any of her other books??? I’ve got then all but I can’t find it.

I also ripped it back and tried working from rnd 21 in just k sts and placing the sl1 k1 psso in the “appropriate” place to follow the swirl. I did this twice first time doing it before the M1 swirl edge which didn’t look right and then the second time working it after the M1 swirl edge…still didn’t look right.

Dang it’s this kind of thing that drives me crazy.

Thanx for any advise you can give me…sheesh a silly hat pattern has me all flumoxed!!

Could you give all of the row 21 instructions so we can see if you’re working it properly?