EZ Baby Surprise Jacket questions

Hi everyone,

I’m in the beginning stages and have done my 5 ridges and am getting ready to increase 9 stitches across the end sections. Does this mean I increase 9 stitches at EACH end for a total of 18?

Right now (before doing any increases) I have 140 stitches. If I do the increases and then go on to do 22 decreases - does that mean 22 sets of the 4 stitches/row decreases? Or decrease 22 stitches over one row? And am I understanding correctly that after those decreases I should have 90 stitches? If so, my math is off.

140 + 18= 158

Help please! I’m all confused :??



I’m bumping this because I know someone’s made this.

(Assuming you haven’t figured it out already.)

Ingrid, thanks for the bump. I found a yahoo group over the weekend that specializes in EZ patterns, and they had a great tutorial that answered all of my questions. Yay! :happydance: