Eyelash/Ribbon Yarn

What is the point of this stuff? As a new knitter I was drawn in by it but now that I know that this type of yarn disguises the stitches, what can one do with this stuff? Besides eleventy-two more scarves? I bought a bunch when I was beginnning and am now wondering what I can use it for. Any ideas:shrug:

haha. I was going to say make some scarves, but then I re-read your post. Umm…what about a stuffed animal or maybe you could make a pillow? Sorry, that pillow idea just came to me, but you never know…it could work…
What colors do you have to work with (just wondering…)

Eyelash yarn can be lovely for a trimming around the neck or just above the cuffs of little girls jumpers. I prefer to use it double stranded with the main yarn as a rule because it will ‘give’. You can make vests etc with it however a woman I know who did this chose to use garter stitch and not stockinette as the pattern had recommended and it did tend to again ‘give’ quite readily. I’ve used it often as trimmings on hats/beanies and you can also use it on purses etc.

The ribbon yarn I loved the idea of but found when I used it without a pattern…it turned out quite oddly. It hung off the needles fine but when I cast off it basically changed shape completely and hung in the other direction! I totally undid one item and just have the yarn sitting there now. I’d tend, once again, to use it for trimming. I had tried to make a very open weave beach top…ultra simple shape but I had the problem as described. On the needle it was correct length; once off it almost halved and hung in the opposite direction :slight_smile: Weird.

I agree with the trimming idea. It can be a really cute addition to accessories like purses, and you can make belts and scrunchies with it. I’ve seen some cute patterns where you use the eyelash yarn to cover the straps of plain flip-flops – it certainly adds a personal touch! !

That’s what I’m going to use it for–trimming out a sweater for my daughter when I get to that project. I found some eyelash yarn at Hobby Lobby with some metallic strands in it for under $1.00 per skein–I couldn’t pass it up! :woohoo:I can’t speak for ribbon yarn as I’ve never used it, but with regards to fur/eyelash yarn–I don’t use it very often, but what I like about it when I do use it is that it’s VERY soft, and it’s fun.

You can knit hats with the furry yarn (I made myself a hat out of it and it’s really fun), or they have shawls you can make with it that resemble fur wraps.

Here is a cute pattern; and I liked this one too. Here is one from Knitty, too.

Good suggestions, especially for the bordering and trimming. I’ve got three skeins of this http://www.knitpicks.com/Sparkles_YD5420118.html in Coral reef and the same type in a violet/purple color. Actually, knitpicks seems to have some not bad suggestions but this type with its holes between the squares is such a pain to knit with, I end up knitting between the strands.

Anyway, thanks for all the suggestions!

You can’t make a Hedgie without some eyelash yarn

I had some pink fun fur in my stash. I made a wig for one of my stuffed cows. I have some black and white too, I’m making her a one strap dress.
She’s going to be in a rock band…
just need to think of a witty name to call it.


OMG that hedgehog is amazing!!! Where did you find the pattern??
I soooooooo want to knit that now :slight_smile:

I use it to make hair falls and faux dreads from hats - makes some really pretty colours :slight_smile:

Samsam… Clearly she and her band can sign on with Mootown records… (Motown…get it)? LOL

Name variations for a bovine band:

Good Charlotte = Good Bessie

Spice Girls = Dairy Queens

Sister Sledge = The Udder Sisters

Chicks on Speed = Girls on Grass


That is exactly how I felt when I first saw it! It is the Fibertrends Huggable Hedgehog Pattern. They are so fun, and too cute. There is a knit alongfor them with pictures of all sorts of adorable Hedgehogs

ooh thanks!
But poo i’m in the UK so I cant buy it unless I pay extremely daft postage costs for a bit of paper. LOL