Eye of partridge heel

Why partridge? Does anybody know?

The heelflap looks something like this:

And the partridge…



Because… somebody though that… it looked like… the eye of a partridge…??? :??

(I know… I’m a lot of help, aren’t I?)


Is that your sock? It’s a lovely heel regardless of the funky name. I’m going to have to try it on my next pair.

Maybe because the partridge’s head looks like the head/gusset?


I don’t know where they come up with half the names they do! Some are just weird! :lol: Love that sock though! It’s so pretty!

Who knows…LOL…I think that heel is actually the “Eye of Partridge II” heel…LOL :wink:

Iam doing that right now.
The pattern is like this

Row 1-s1,k1 to end
Row 2-purl next row
Row 3-k1,sl to end
Row 4-purl next row

It gives a neat little bumpy texture.
Don’t Know why its named that…lol

Here is a list of links to a bunch of different types of toe and heel, including the eye of partridge.

Oh, I love that heel. Is that your sock?? It’s so very pretty. I love the colors. I always do the sl1 k1, purl next row heel. I will have to branch out to some different ones.

(Thanks Kemp for the suggestions.)


:heart: :inlove: :heart: that sock yarn! What is it?

Thank you, very very useful link!

It is Regia yarn, 4 ply I think.