Extreme knitting tutorial?

I’m looking for an article explaining the basics of extreme knitting - what type and thickness of yarn I need, how to start of with multiple strands etc.

Can anyone recommend something?

Thanks :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “extreme knitting”? Is there a website describing it, or a pattern that includes it? Pls provide a link if at all possible; I personally haven’t run across the term yet.


Thanks for your reply - it seems to be a te coined by a knitter called Rachel John where you use multiple balls of yarn at the same time (from 2 to 1000!) and very large needles (I have 19mm to start but have seen people knitting with PVC piping).

I’ve actually bought a Rachel John kit from eBay with 19mm needles and several balls of yarn to make a scarf - it seems it really is as easy as knitting normally but with lots of strande together.

What I’m really interested in is finding some super, mega uber thick yarn to knit with to make some blankets - I’ve seen blankets like this for sale but can’t find any of the raw materials. The woman on YouTube who knits the ‘giganto blznket’ with plastic pipes says she’s using ‘wool roping’ but no idea where you could get this from.

If anyone is interested in this, there’s also a book available called Big Stitch Knitting which looks good.

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That’s probably ‘roving’, not ‘roping’. It’s unspun wool that’s very thick. Lion Brand has patterns that use 2 or 3 strands of bulky yarn knit on their speed stix which are about 25mm needles.

Ooh, great - thank you so much! Just tried out the kit - think I either need a lot more strand of thin yarn or a few balls of super chunky. I’ll experiment and check out the info you’ve given me. Thanks again :slight_smile:

I have knit afghans using the size 25mm (50) Speed Stix needles from Lion Brand and 4 strands of their Homespun yarn together. They come out nice and warm.


You might also take a look at Links yarn here.

Rachel John taking extreme knitting to the extreme :knitting:

Nifty, but I have to agree with the comment on the video about horrific waste of yarn. :wink:

If you read Rachel’s complete introduction (click the “read more” option right below the video), you’ll find out that the yarn used was waste yarn. The yarn was excess/old stock, poor quality and therefore scheduled for shredding for mattress filling, etc.

No current colors, first-quality, or otherwise “marketable” yarn was used, according to her introduction.


If there were any vertically challenged people out there who prefer a lumpy mattress Im sure it could have been a win win situation :mrgreen: