Extra stitch with long tail cast on?

I am SOO obviously a NEWBIE!!! But I am SOO ADDICTED!!! So this cast-on issue…Is this normal??? I am trying to make a hat (my first) so I cast on an even number and go to do ribbing and boom, I get to the end of a row, turn around and my numbers are off… should I just always assume with this cast on that I have 1 more stitch than I count? THANKS!!! Happy New Year! Maybe I’ll get this started by tonight!!! I’ve been working on it ALL DAY!!! stitching, bitching, and RIPPING OUT!!!

You count the “loop” as your first caston. So, you really caston one less than the pattern calls for and you end up with the right number. Remember to count your stiches after your first row of knitting so as to be sure you start out right.

It’s my favorite cast on

No, you should not have any extra stitches other than what you count. I can only think of three points to make. Be sure you’re counting all the loops of your cast-on that are sitting on your needle, including the slip knot. Make sure that when you turn and start to knit your first row, that you don’t bring the yarn over the needle and create a yo. And if your first stitch is a purl, be sure you’re not pulling up on the working yarn, which would reveal two strands of the stitch belonging to the last cast on stitch, effectively creating an extra stitch if you knit them both.

Sometimes when I do the long tail cast-on, the last stitch I cast on gets twisted around on the needle a little so it looks like two stitches instead of one. So another thing to check is that all your stitches are straight on the needle.