Extra rows?

OK now I am stumped. I looked to have dropped some stitches when frogging a front panel on the Caroline Tank and then corrected them. now, a few rows later I notice that the tank is a tad lopsided so I counted rows. I have 13 rows on one side and 11 on the other. I am wondering if I mistakenly created an extra row near the middle of the panel. I will have to research the short row shaping to see just how this happened. Does anyone know what I did or how I got extra rows one one side?

lol weird! Oh well frogging again.

You may have stopped working on the front in the middle of a row and put it away. When you picked it up again you may have started back over the stitches just worked instead of finishing out the row. The simplest way to avoid this is to finish a row before stopping and putting the piece away. It is like putting in an inadvertaant short row.
You can also avoid dropped sts when you frog by pulling out the yarn stitch-by-stitch on the last row (tinking). That way you can put each stitch onto the needle as you pull the yarn out. This video shows it for sts still on the right needle but you can also do it with the right needle removed along the entire row.

Or you can insert a needle into the destination row.