Extra row on one side of front of sweater

I’m continuing with my (very horrible, grubby self striping yarn) sweater.
The pattern is back and sleeves in one, front and sleeves in one, join, add neck band and cuffs.

Front, shape neck is work a number of stitches, turn work this side for neck shaping (left side of sweater) and cast off.
Centre stitches to a holder.
Rejoin yarn to rest of stitches and work that side (right side) and cast off.
Shaping is just decreases at neck edge.

I chose to work both sides at once on long circular needles so that I could keep the stripes matching on each side of the front.
Neck shaping was simple but here’s my question:
Both sides of pattern are identical until the last line.
The right side tells me to work 10cm ending with a ws row. cast off.
The left side tells me to work 10cm ending with a rs row. cast off.
Why does the pattern call for an extra row on one side?

The only reason I can think is that the cast off row will have stitches overlaid/leaning (I don’t know the correct term) heading towards the centre neck, making the cast off stitches symmetrical in look.
By working an extra row one side of the sweater will be a bit bigger than the other, the colour stripes will not be symmetrical, making it look a bit odd perhaps, and, does it matter which direction the cast off rows are laying if I then go and mattress stitch those edges together for the sleeve and shoulder seams which hides the cast off row anyway?

I’d be grateful if you can explain the need for the extra worked row as I’m thinking of skipping it to keep the colour work even.

Thank you

PS its working out truly awful with all this horrible yarn but I’m determined to just keep going until its done before moving to a new project.

Since you’re casting off and not leaving live sts, go ahead and cast off on the same row for each side. Sometimes these directions are given to make the back and front the same.
If you cast off on the equivalent row for back and front, it’ll be fine. Even if there is a one row difference in length, it’ll still be fine. I understand that you have the additional consideration of the stripe pattern.
I’m sure your persistence with this yarn is going to be rewarded by a super sweater!

Thank you for such a quick response!

If I cast off both ideas on the same row, work ending ws then cast off I will have worked exactly the same number of rows in the front and back and I’ve layed them out and lined up the seams, the sleeve increases match exactly and the overall body length to the shoulder is exactly the same front and back.
Thats why it seems illogical al to work an extra row on just half of the front.

I think I’ll go ahead and keep them equal, it feels right.

Your confidence in me will all be dashed if a dare post a photo!
The sweater size requiree 3 balls. I have 7! Yes 7, and still unable to find enough clean yarn to make it look nice. Its just impossible. I’ve been working with lengths of 20cm 'clean yarn knitting in lengths and before I knitted out one section I need to weave/knit in another. My tension has been horrific due to all the knitting in of dozens and dozens of little pieces. I’ve spent hours pulling at stitches to even them up…and after all that had to resort to knitting the dirty yarn as I simply do not have enough yarn.

One good thing about bad tension, pulls, holes, grubby yarn, and an overall mess of a stripy sweater…
I shall not care when he wears it to climb trees.
:deciduous_tree: :deciduous_tree:
We’ll call it the freedom jumper :blush:

You have all my admiration. I’m sure the sweater will be a success and a treasure for the recipient, tree climber or whatever.

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