Extra button hole hole, help!

So I’ve been using amy’s button hole method, which is a great easy to work method by the way, but I always end up with a small hole just outside the button hole. The hole appears when I knit the row on top of the button hole. I’ve noticed this in another method as well. I try my darndest to knit real tight at the corners but the hole is persistent. Anyone have a solution?

Most buttonhole directions I’ve read say to reinforce the ends of the buttonholes with yarn.

what does that mean? Just sort of wrap the yarn around the edges? is that supposed to “fill” the hole? Is the hole supposed to be there at all?

Without actually seeing it, my guess is that your hole is a result of the stitches pulling out of alignment. I would use a tapestry needle and some yarn to sew a stitch at each end of the buttonhole.