Extending knitting Help please

:woot: Hi

Does anyone know how to Add Rows of knitting to a garment which has been finished already.

The problem i have is The Shop no longer has the final ball of wool i need to finish the last 30 rows of my poncho pattern - so I need to undo my first row and add a different colour to it to match the end of the garment.
I have check the internet for more wool but none available - I remember seeing something like this in an old knitting book but cannot find it anywhere - can anyone help - I’m also a newbie to this site.
Thank you in advance
Linda Bevan

See if this site helps. Basically you want to unpick the cast on and sart knitting on live sts.

Yeah, you’d have to undo or cut off the cast on and take it from there.

Just make sure to use a lifeline before cutting so you don’t lose the live stitches