Exciting Website


Great job, Amy! I think your website is wonderful. :smiley: Thank you for allowing me to join your knitting group.

Happy Knitting, Beverly

Welcome Beverly!


I agree … I like it too …thanks !!!

I totaly agree, this is a fantastic site and thank you for shareing it with us all!!
It makes learning to knit fun with lots of nice people to help and get to know.

Thank you Thank you from the bottom of my :heart:
Miss Suzie

DARN! I thought we were talking about this site (nudity warning)

oh yeah, your site does rock Amy. BTW. ICYDK. :wink:

god. there is one picture I will not forget for a while



:shock: That’s novel!

Thanks for the nice words about this site. YOU all are what make my world go round. :wink: