Ever Use Phildar yarn?

Ok I’m looking for an “elastic” yarn to use in cuffs of socks. I used yarndex and found Phildar, they make a yarn that’s 4% elastic called Phil Epounge. I’m thinking I want to try it. But the closest seller in the US is in NY. So I want to know if anyone has tried it before I get it and end up disappointed. Cause if I buy it direct there is a lot of extra fees associated…

Sorry for making so many new posts latley I’m full of questions for some reason.

But I do appreciate everyone’s help, I’m sure I would have given up on knitting a long time ago with out the help I’ve gotten here. Amy’s videos are GREAT!!!

Don’t apologize for asking questions!! If we all didn’t have questions the site wouldn’t be here, lol:happydance:
BUT, I can’ answer your question! I haven’t heard of this yarn, but maybe by me answering your post, it will bump it up and more people will see it! Good luck.

Well, I haven’t used the yarn before, but since I’m allergic to wool, I do use a lot of subs for sock knitting. I don’t think this yarn would be nice for socks. It’s got to much acrylic in it. Your feel will get sweaty and stinky from acrylic and it feels icky on your feet. So I wouldn’t recommend it. Why don’t you try cascade fixations (or elann.com esprit). It’s got elastic in it and is a great sockyarn. I prefer this yarn, because it’s so stretchy.