Ever Seen a Flying Goat?

It took the Bugs on an adventure today and we got to see some paragliders. Bug was fascinated by the gliders and watching the people come down the mountain. Ladybug was excited because someone brought a goat and she got to pet it. We had other plans, but decided to stick around when we found out that we were going to be witnessing the first documented flight of a goat on a glider.

I was a bit anxious because I didn’t want the goat to have to do it, but the owner had been training him to wear a harness designed for dogs and walked around with the harness on with no problems. Goat did a great job and didn’t make a sound until they were landing.


Wow!! My kids would love to see that, too! :teehee:

:rofl: I have to say, as an avid goat lover, I am so happy they have finally flown. :teehee:

That is adorable.

Ladybug has been telling everyone she knows this week how she saw a goat “fly up air”, even requesting to go tell her gymnastics coach. Pretty cute! Now she is including how it went “MAAA!” “down” (bleated when it was landing). The funny thing it has her coach & I talking about paragliding for his birthday in February since it will be a milestone we will both be experiencing this year (same age). Ladybug wants to go watch us. We’ll paraglide for his birthday & scuba dive for mine (after I get certified).