Eunny Jang new editor of Interweave Knits!


Eunny is going to be the editor of Interweave Knits.

But then, you knew that because you read the post title. :teehee:

Her blog entry about the announcement.

I know! How totally appropriate! I am definitely going to subscribe now!!

I was just going to post this. :rofl:

Yep, might have to go get my first mag subscription ever. :teehee:

That’s interesting. I just ordered a subscription last month…I hope the magazine won’t change now. Not that I have anything against Euny Jang, but the reason I got it was because of the way it’s been previous to this announcement.

A lot of people have said a lot about the new layout (good and bad) and I’d heard that it changed because of a new editor there. Could be it was Eunny, she just couldn’t announce it until a certain date.


The press release actually sad that Pam Allen (the leaving editor) had issues planned through Fall 2007.

Magazines run really far ahead of their dates.

So it could be, but might not be. :shrug:

Ahh, that’s true, they’re usually about 4 months ahead or so. It was only a rumor, and they have a way of being confusing.


Ooh how fun, I ADORE her blog. Her work is amazing.
I may have to actually subscribe now!

cawthraven… that’s an amazing blog site she has. Wow. So much to read and learn. Thanks for turning me on to it. !

Too cool! Her designs tend to be a little too busy for me (I tend to like plain stuff), but she’s such amazing teacher and writer. What a great choice!

I would love it if they incorporated more of the old format into the new. Like if they could list the project’s gauge on the big Layout picture? So I can think about the yarns I’d like to use without having to flip to all the text in the back.
I don’t like the new format at all :pout: