Eugene Oregon yarn store?

My sis is going to a friend’s wedding soon in Eugene and it’s also nearly my thirtieth birthday - so to kill 2 birds with one stone she offered to bring me something back that you can’t buy here (N. Ireland) as a present. I suggested yarn (hint hint hint) but she knows nothing about knitting - so any good suggestions? I found one yarn store online but I don’t know if the yarns listed are good brands as I’ve never heard of half of them… Hmn it might be easier to get needles instead!

There are so many pages of yarn… why don’t you choose a couple yarn weights you’re interested in and maybe type (wool, cotton, etc) so we can narrow down the choices. From what I saw there are lots of good choices.

There are a couple of yarn shops here that I like. I have heard that Soft Horizons and The Knit Shop are good ones. I usually buy my yarn at Joanns or Ben Franklins Craft Shop.

Thanks for the tips.Trouble is I’m like a child in a sweet shop - I dunno what I want! Enough to make something big like a sweater so not too expensive, and I think some of the yarns are European, so there’s no point in getting those as I can probably find them nearer to home… I’ve taken a wee notion for lace recently however… hmmn

there is a yarn store in Eugene. Its close to the hospital there in like a house, its really cool. I suggest her going there. I wish I could remember the name of it. I just know its near the hospital there.
Not much help. They have a pretty nifty place with lots of selection and lots of needles, books and tons of sock yarns, real wools, debbie bliss yarns and just tons of things… Worth going for sure. :muah:

My sis just phoned me from Heathrow, she’s on her way home - she said she found a yarn store halfway up a mountain (she may be exaggerating here) and bought my present in there - my birthday isn’t for another week though…