Eucalan Wool Wash

Have any of you tried it, and what did you think? Is it truly no-rinse? How did your fabric feel to the touch after using it? I am thinking of buying a bottle but it’s rather spendy so I’d like to get some input from others first.

I use eucalan b/c that is what my LYS sells. I know there are a number of people who also like the Unicorn wash and rinse. As for the Eucalan I know it says no rinse, but I typically do rinse it b/c I am floored at how dirty my wash water looks so I rinse until the water stays clear.

I really like it. It really softens up the animal fibers. So if you have any slight sensitivity it makes it way more comfortable for the skin. I also rinse to make sure I get all the dirt out. but after that, since I use it to wash my sweaters after I begin wearing them, I consider it no rinse.

It is really great. I ALWAYS reccomend it to others. It works great with
everything!!! Good luck knittting!

I totally recommend it…it is a really great product…

And thanks for reminding me…I have a pair of gloves and gauntlets I need to wash…smiles

Now I just have to decide if I want to wash them in Lavender or Eucaliptus…

I love that stuff! I don’t rinse as thoroughly as I would with soap, but I do give items a quick rinse. It softens up wool amazingly.

Same here, but I don’t rinse. I leave it sit in the water for the 15-20 mins like the label says and then give it a good squeeze. If the water is really dirty I do it again with fresh water and eucalan. I love the way my stuff smells afterwards, not so much like wet dog.