Just wondering if any of you have ever sold anything on Etsy? I’m curious how it works. I have some ladies at work telling me I should put stuff up on Etsy. One of the main questions I have after looking around the site is you have to list a shipping price, well if the person lives in your city do they have to pay the shipping price if they buy it online, like does the shipping automatically get added to the total?

I’d love to take a look at your etsy shops if you have one. Tell me what you think of the site ups and downs?

hmmm maybe Etsy is a no no topic on here. Woopsy.

No, not at all. I think you’re just in the post-Thanksgiving (Black Friday?) lull. I have no experience with Etsy but I could never charge enough for a hand knit to make it worth my time.

Yeah, no problem with discussing it. You just have to be patient sometimes especially over the holidays.

I don’t know how anyone makes money selling their knitting there. Or anywhere. Between the yarn and time involved to make a project worth selling the price would be pretty high wouldn’t it? I’d ask those women at work what they’d be willing to pay for various things. Then figure out how many skeins of yarn you’d need and how long it would take you to complete it and calculate the price. See if its worth it.

Anyway, the site itself should have info on what Etsy’s cut is so you can price your item accordingly.

The scarf I made was pretty simple to knit and only took a few hours. The yarn was 11.99, when I wore the scarf today everyone went crazy for it. I think I could sell them for about 40.00 which would def be worth it for me. I could really use the money and I enjoyed knitting it. But I would want to put it on etsy so that people could leave feedback. Or maybe it would be best to just sell it to them personally, I’m not sure.

I’ve never used etsy to sell nor buy, I have only looked there. My understanding from a niece who has put items for sale on etsy is getting established as a reputable seller is a big challenge. I’m not certain she even still has things listed there, I should find out.

I’m not sure what cut Etsy takes, but some places take quite a bit so that’s definitely something to look into.

I’ve bought a couple interchangeable needle cases (love them!) from Etsy.

ETA: Okay, I looked up info which you can find as well if you register on the site. There is a listing fee and a transaction fee which doesn’t include shipping or taxes. The numbers look relatively small, but it’ll all add to your price or cut your bottom line. I’m not trying to discourage you just want you to be aware of everything.

I would check the copyright disclaimers on the patterns of things you’ve made. Sometimes the pattern writers allow you to sell things you’ve made from these patterns, sometimes not. It could mean a legal infringement issue. If the patterns are yours, there’s no problem. I think you would be better off selling your own patterns. There’s nothing to ship and you could email them in .pdf format. There are many free programs online that will allow you to convert patterns to .pdf.

There was a thread on here not too long ago about someone discussing the cons of using Etsy.

Oh, here it is:

This thread also includes info about copyrighted patterns.

You might do better selling things on eBay or just selling locally.

Thanks everyone, I think I’ll just sell locally to my friends and colleagues, I just figured it was easy to do it through a site like etsy, but apparently not!

Now that you seem to have made a decison, my 2 cents worth (or not!)
If I were buying a handmade item I really would like to see and handle it first. The quality of knitting varies from one item to the next, one knitter to the next. If I were selling something I would want the purchaser to be able to see and handle it for the same reason. If it’s been inspected, they really know what they’re getting. Maybe if you made some things up you could get a stall at a craft fair. Here in my town there is one every year before Christmas. There are many possibilities.

I purchased my (pottery) Yarn Bowl from Etsy. Neal’s Pottery advertised in the Vogue Knitting magazine…I visited his link…and it took me to his Etsy shop! I had an excellent shopping experience with him! He has a dynamite Jewelry Bowl for sale today…drool…it’s such a neat idea!

I’ve also purchased other knitting related items from Etsy. No problems whatsoever. However, I haven’t sold anything on Etsy. I really should…

I do have a shop on Etsy…
I sell more patterns (my patterns) than things… hm, finish items I have made. But… at least people see my work?..

I’m a bit upset. Since deciding to sell to those I know, I have been wearing my scarves kind of as advertisment and then knitting them on my lunch break at work. A colleague asked me to make her one and she’d buy it. A few minutes later another colleague (who I don’t really know well, just to see her face) asks me for the pattern, I told her I get them on ravelry. She turns to the lady who asked to buy from me and says “Don’t worry I’ll make you one for free”! I also gave this woman my dishcloth pattern, turns out she knitted the cloths for the ppl who wanted to buy from me. UGH so frusterating. I am NOT giving her my scarf pattern! If she wants it she can go on ravelry and find it herself. :teehee:

That’s pretty tacky. If I were you, I wouldn’t even give her a hint of where you got your pattern. In fact, I’d probably say something like, “Since you’re smart enough to try to undermine my attempts to make money, then I’m sure you’re smart enough to figure it out yourself.”

Then let her supply everyone with freebies until she gets sick of paying for everything. Eventually this is going to bite her in the butt, so be patient. Oh, and if you can avoid talking about your for-sale knit items in front of this woman, I would do so! If she’s around and someone asks you about it, just tell them you’ll talk to them about it later.

Those who appreciate the work you put into it won’t mind paying you!

Wow, that is rude! I agree with Antares and I love that comment!! :thumbsup:

[I][B]Ouch![/B][/I] This lady is very tacky. Seems as though she’s a bit jealous of your knitting talents. Seems like she resents your making a little money on the side with your knitting. I think she has an ax she’s grinding. Her behavior was outright rude, and rather condemnatory sounding…insinuating that you are wrong to make a little money for your talents and time. And she’s the White Knight coming to everyone’s rescue, crowning herself The Knitting Savior. What a bag.

Use your knitting talents in a generous way, donate what you make…tons of charities need/want scarves especially with winter approaching (where I live anyway)…I always knit “nicer”(nice yarns, nice patterns) to give away…just my 2 cents…

One other thought: Is there a way you can advertise your knit stuff at work–a bulletin board or a company Web site that has a community-based venue? Or maybe a company arts and crafts fair?

You might could even post ads on other bulletin boards around your community (grocery stores and community centers are two places that often have public and free bulletin boards). Right now, of course, many people are looking for Christmas gifts, and handmade items are so worth the money (as long as it’s worth it to you to make them, that is).

Let us know how your business venture goes!

:?? :???: :noway: This is me reading your post.
:evil: This is the “I’ll make it for free” person.
:fingerwag: :gah: These are my response to “I’ll make it for free.”

Casually tell a friend “in confidence” but loud enough for the evil one to overhear that you’re knitting voodoo dolls.