Does anyone here use Etsy? How does it work? Would you recommend it? What advice would you give a new person thinking about making an account on Etsy?

etsy is great for finding one of a kind handmade stuff. If you want to sell, it is a great place to sell as well. similar to ebay, except it’s not like going to a garage sale. HTH

I bought a gorgeous handsewn knitting bag from Silver (one of our MODS here at KH) through her Etsy shop! Here is a link to her ETSY shop! You just gotta see her bags! CLICK HERE

It is helpful to have a PAYPAL account, and besides, PAYPAL is a much safer way to buy anything online.

I like Etsy! But, that was my one and only transaction so far.

From what I’ve seen, Etsy is more of a venue for hand crafted items, as opposed to Ebay, which has everything under the sun!
I have not tried to sell anything there yet, but am thinking of posting some yarn (stash reduction, ya know) in the next few weeks to see how it goes.
I’ve bought from there several times with no problems at all.
Karen G
in GA

Thanks for the opinions everyone!

I both buy and sell on etsy. It’s a fun site, although the search function can make it a bit hard to find what you want. It is a site for handmade things with a huge variety of things available. Each seller has their own shop, so when you buy you pay the seller directly and not etsy itself.
My advice would be to favorite the things you like/want to make them easy to find later, and maybe set a money limit for yourself before you start. There are so many things I’d like to buy on there. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also for a buyer a paypal account is not necessary as many sellers accept checks, google checkout, or credit cards directly. I would caution against linking a paypal account to a bank account with any money in it. Oh and even if its the sellers only form of payment you can pay with a credit card without a paypal account.